What time is Brexit delay vote – and how amendments may change course of history

What time is Brexit delay vote - and how amendments may change course of history

What time is Brexit delay vote – and how amendments may change course of history

MPs will grasp a ancient vote this night on delaying Brexit.

Theresa May used to be pressured to carry the showdown after MPs defeated her Brexit deal for the second one time by means of 149 votes.

Then they defeated her closing evening too, challenging No Deal be taken off the desk in a insurrection by means of 13 ministers.

Tonight’s vote is anticipated to name for a delay – it doesn’t matter what. It may put the March 29 Brexit date again by means of years, and corral the Commons into agreeing a softer deal.

Meanwhile, MPs are plotting amendments to take regulate of the Brexit procedure. Here’s a handy guide a rough information.

When is the delay Brexit vote?

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MPs are because of get started vote casting from 5pm
(Image: AFP/Getty Images)

MPs will get started vote casting from 5pm, that means the outcome may come as early as five.15pm.

But it is extra reasonable it is going to be nearer to 6pm as a result of we will be able to have votes on amendments first.

What are MPs vote casting on?

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There will virtually definitely be a delay – the query is, how lengthy for?
(Image: PA)

MPs are being requested to vote on a movement tabled by means of Theresa May which might authorise the Prime Minister to hunt an extension of the 2-12 months Article 50 negotiations, delaying  Brexit  past March 29.

If MPs again it there shall be a delay, it doesn’t matter what.

But the the most important query is – how lengthy for?

The movement says if we now have a deal agreed by means of March 20, the United Kingdom will search a one-off extension till June 30 to permit time for rules to be handed.

If her deal fails to win Commons strengthen, the movement does not set a time at the extension.

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Instead it merely says one must be agreed by means of the EU at its primary summit on the finish of subsequent week.

The movement warns it is “highly likely” the EU would require the United Kingdom to set out a “clear purpose” earlier than granting any extension – and the United Kingdom must participate in EU elections.

EU leader Donald Tusk nowadays warned there’ll want to be “consensus” earlier than a delay is agreed. That in simple English is more likely to imply a minimum of being open to a customs union or alignment with the one marketplace.

What are the amendments?

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Amendments this night may permit MPs to take hold of again regulate of the Brexit procedure
(Image: Dan Kitwood)

MPs have tabled a host of amendments to Mrs May’s proposal.

It shall be for the Commons Speaker to come to a decision which to make a choice for debate, and it is not going that every one shall be driven to a vote at 5pm.

The amendments are:

Let MPs take regulate: A bombshell closing-minute modification has been tabled by means of Remainers Hilary Benn, Yvette Cooper and Oliver Letwin that might pave the way in which for a a couple of-selection “indicative” vote by means of MPs at the means ahead. It requires a delay to Brexit to search out an “alternative approach” to Brexit. This choice way would virtually definitely be a softer Brexit like a customs union or the ‘Norway’ style.

Let MPs agree some way ahead: Labour’s modification notes that Parliament has “decisively” rejected each Mrs May’s deal and no deal and requires a delay to Brexit “to provide parliamentary time for this House to find a majority for a different approach”.

NO to a 2d referendum: A pass-celebration modification, tabled by means of Tory Lee Rowley and subsidized by means of 111 Leave-backing MPs, requires a 2d vote on EU club to be dominated out as a result of it could be “divisive and expensive”. It’s designed to spike the weapons of the ones pushing for a People’s Vote.

YES to a 2d referendum: Tabled by means of Independent Group MP Sarah Wollaston and subsidized by means of participants of the brand new grouping, Liberal Democrats and a handful from different events, this modification seeks an Article 50 extension to degree a 2d referendum with Remain as opposed to Parliament’s most well-liked Brexit  possibility at the poll paper.

Liberal Democrats: Sir Vince Cable’s celebration have tabled an modification calling for an extension to organize a 2d referendum, with Remain at the poll paper.

Scottish independence: Tabled by means of the Scottish National Party, this modification says Scotland should now not be taken out of the EU in opposition to its will and that this will easiest be have shyed away from by means of permitting its other folks to vote for independence.

Plaid Cymru: The Welsh nationalist celebration is calling for an extension to 2021 for extra negotiations, with a binding referendum at that time on whether or not to just accept no matter deal has been agreed or stay within the EU.

Cancel Brexit: Tabled by means of SNP MP Angus MacNeil and subsidized by means of Europhile MPs from around the House, together with Tory grandee Kenneth Clarke and Labour’s Keith Vaz, this modification requires  Brexit  to be halted by means of taking flight the United Kingdom’s realize of goal to go away beneath Article 50 of the EU treaties.

New negotiating group: Tabled by means of Leave-backing Conservative Sir Christopher Chope, with out a different signatories, this modification requires an extension to May 22 “for the specific purpose of replacing the UK negotiating team”. It won’t go.

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