What Should We Call Lab-Grown Meat?

What Should We Call Lab-Grown Meat?

What Should We Call Lab-Grown Meat?

what should we call lab grown meat - What Should We Call Lab-Grown Meat?

As reported on this entertaining Bloomberg tale, lab-grown meat — the sci-fi-esque substance touted as a solution to the environmental hazards of elevating cattle — remains to be in search of one thing to name itself. (Beyond “lab-grown meat,” which already crowned an previous survey.) Among the main contenders: “clean meat,” which has been deemed deceptive since “clean” doesn’t translate into different languages, diet-wise – and as the meat business items to the implication that common meat would subsequently be grimy; “cell-based” meat, which isn’t overly catchy; and “lab-produced cultured protein,” which doesn’t roll off the tongue however does really feel correctly awkward. Plain previous (obscure previous?) “cultured meat” has additionally been urged.

The purpose can be one thing correct and clear that still is helping shoppers get previous the “ick” issue. For now the business is being known as “cellular agriculture,” which is so deceptively gentle that I glazed previous it on first studying. Though because the Bloomberg writers observe, “Eventually, consumers will develop their own shorthand” for those science-generated meat possible choices — “for good or for ill.”

I feel that’s already “frankenmeat,” which has been round since a minimum of 2011, even supposing I’m now entertaining myself through arising with horrible possible choices: DevelopMeat. ManuFlesh. Okay, sure, that is laborious.


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