True Story of Finding Strength to ‘Forgive the Unforgivable’ Told in New Film Starring Stephen Baldwin

True Story of Finding Strength to'Forgive the Unforgivable' Told in New Film Starring Stephen Baldwin

True Story of Finding Strength to ‘Forgive the Unforgivable’ Told in New Film Starring Stephen Baldwin

NEW YORK – Australian missionary Graham Staines gave his lifestyles serving India’s poorest other folks. He used to be burned alive, at the side of his two sons. But regardless of the tragic loss, his spouse Gladys persevered to serve nation’s forgotten. And she discovered the energy to forgive her husband’s killers.

Murdered While Serving ‘The Least of These’

The Staines’ humble tale has impressed a characteristic movie that hits theaters this weekend. It’s known as “The Least of These” and stars Stephen Baldwin and Shari Rigby. 

Baldwin performs the function of Graham. It is a tale that touched the actor lengthy ahead of he signed on signed onto the mission. 

Baldwin informed CBN News, “It sticks with you.”

“When you try not to think about the horrible details of an event like this… [an] Australian missionary [is] working in India, doing medical services to the least of these, the lepers. And he is horrifically murdered, with is 10 and 7-year-old sons.”

A Horrific Tragedy that Connects Us All

“It doesn’t matter who you are, what color you are, where you are from [or] what your faith is, this is one of those things that in our hearts connects us all.”

Aneesh Daniel directed the film. It is his first movie and a zeal mission that started nearly in an instant after the brutal murders of Graham and his sons.

Recalling the 10-year-old tragedy, Daniel informed CBN News, “This was 1999 when this happened. Maybe after a year, I wanted to do this. And I went and met Gladys Stains and she said, ‘come back next year.’ And I went next year. And then she said, ‘we will think about it. Let’s meet next year.’ And I went next year. And then in 2004, I met a friend, Andrew Matthews and we both started writing the script.” 

“When the incident happened, I was in the CBN office. I was with a producer … and I remember [CBN News Reporter] George [Thomas] coming and mentioning this news.” 

How Do You Forgive the Unforgivable?

A journalist looking for the fact is at the center of this tale. And the seek rests on two topics: Graham’s provider to “the least of these” and his spouse’s energy to forgive his killers. 

Shari Rigby performs Graham’s spouse, Gladys. It’s a job that made her imagine precisely how anyone may just forgive the unforgivable.

Rigby stated, “That’s a question I think we all have to tackle.”

“We think about it, especially as believers, that of course we forgive.”

“But to be in the moment, [and] to really have to forgive someone, and for something like this.”

“The only way that somebody can do that is to know so matter-of-factly who their Savior is.”  

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