‘The best car ever made doesn’t even exist’

'The best car ever made doesn't even exist'

‘The best car ever made doesn’t even exist’

“What’s the best car ever?” is a query I’m regularly requested, however don’t have a solution for – as a result of the sort of automobile doesn’t exist. After 4 many years riding hundreds of motors, on the other hand, I’ve concluded THE best for nowadays’s consumers is one who serves up the best of 2 worlds; provides a bit of of each; is 2 (or extra) automobiles in a single.

You may suppose you want an city car to trip within the week, then a separate off-roader for Saturday or Sunday a laugh within the nation or on the seaside. You don’t. What you want is a three.five metre-long Suzuki Jimny 4×4, at lower than part the cost of the most affordable Land Rover.

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Similarly, you probably have Champagne tastes however a faucet water funds, sign up for the hundreds and settle for you’ll’t have the funds for to shop for or run that supercar you crave. So put out of your mind concerning the Ferrari costing loads of hundreds and purchase a used Hyundai Coupé V6 for a grand or two. It looks as if, and is, a deficient guy’s supercar-lite. Crucially, not like Italian dream automobiles, it’s nice for mild sprints to paintings, the malls, the top, or anywhere you fancy. 

Reckon you require a automobile with a tin roof 300 days a yr, then a rag height for the rest 65? Wrong. You want a convertible hard-top. And why endure the entire expense and garage hassles of a vintage motor along with a modern car, when you’ll as an alternative opt for one thing in between? A £10,000 used Porsche Boxster, most likely. It’ll be offering the very best of each worlds, being each a trendy fashionable vintage, and a extremely usable day by day car about the town. The truth the Boxster borders on supercar standing is the icing at the cake.

No want to make a choice from a gentle industrial automobile and a car, both. There are numerous ‘vancars’ on sale, with my favorite being the most recent model of the Peugeot Rifter/Citroen Berlingo. These are right kind Swiss Army knives on wheels.

Vans or motorhomes as short-stay residing quarters? Go for the previous; the latter may also be absurdly dear. Then, come brief vacation or three-day pageant time, convert the van (ideally a VW Transporter  or Peugeot Boxer) right into a makeshift motorhome just by chucking in a settee mattress, collapsible desk and chairs, transportable sink, range and cloth wardrobe. The crude bathe and portaloo are best housed outdoor in tall tents, regardless that. 

And when you simplest want a mattress for an evening, or two at a push, whilst spending a weekend at a summer time song fest, seaside, Grand Prix, Goodwood or Le Mans, a big 4×4 or circle of relatives property car with its rear seats flattened can function a double mattress (neatly, kind of) the place occupants are ready to clutch some kip for a couple of hours. When I drove from London to Miami (by means of Iceland, Greenland, Canada) in a Jeep Commander a decade in the past, the bulletproof 4×4 was once now not simplest my most popular mode of shipping, but additionally my life-saving lodge room, and one way more relaxed, hotter and more secure to sleep in than an uncovered tent. 

Most essential of all, are you torn between a pure-petrol or pure-electric car? For the following yr or two a minimum of, move petrol-electric as an alternative. Such cars are changing into more and more horny and reasonably priced to fund, run and refuel/recharge. Mind you, there’s something higher and even extra versatile than a petrol-electric car, and that’s a petrol-electric van.

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