In the Shadow of Giants: 100 years after World War One

In the Shadow of Giants: 100 years after World War One

In the Shadow of Giants: 100 years after World War One

And they overcame him by way of the blood of the Lamb and by way of the phrase of their testimony; and so they beloved no longer their lives unto the demise.  Revelation 12:11

    On nowadays 100 years in the past, World War One, bringing to a conclusion the horrible struggle that value thousands and thousands of lives.  What we name Veteran’s Day at the beginning used to be known as Armistice Day, which marked the conclusion of the First World War on November 11, 1918.  In poetic model, the so-called “war to end all wars” concluded on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month of 1918.  And, in the ones ultimate hours of fight, the Allies would endure 11,00zero casualties.  The enormity of the struggling eclipsed the poetic finishing of this cataclysmic warfare.  
    The remaining American to fall used to be Private Henry Gunther, a banker from Baltimore, Maryland who used to be killed at 10:59 am; one minute sooner than the weapons fell silent.  Although Gunter’s commander gained phrase that the warfare used to be finishing at 11:00 am, his orders have been to proceed the assault till the sour finish.  So many fought, and as Private Henry Gunter, gave their all to offer protection to and shield this country from its enemies.  Millions of American males replied the name to hands in 1917 and 1918.  These have been reasonable and commonplace other people no longer not like you and me.  

    Among those who replied the name to hands used to be Major James Rieger, a legal professional from Kirksville, Missouri.  While coaching in the states sooner than deploying to Europe, Rieger learned that the males in his unit have been poor in Christian training and this led him to ascertain a well-liked Sunday college program attended by way of masses of infantrymen.  Rieger’s commanding basic used to be in contrast and concept that Rieger’s Christian religion made him susceptible and stated that he used to be “altogether useless.”  The basic set about to kick Rieger out of the Army.  Thankfully the basic’s causes have been baseless and he remained in the Army.

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    One hundred years in the past, the “altogether useless” Rieger can be hailed by way of the French as the Hero of the Argonne after he valiantly led the assault to take Vauquois Hill towards stalwart German defenders, and he went on to disencumber two French Villages.  For his bravery, Rieger used to be awarded America’s 2d best possible award, the Distinguished Service Cross.  At the identical time, the basic that attempted to fireplace Rieger out of the military for being “too Christian” used to be relieved for incompetence.  I Corinthians 1:27 says that…”God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty.”  It is other people like Rieger, who’re thought to be susceptible and silly by way of the global’s requirements, who upward push in the midst of the disaster to modify the path of historical past. 

    Such used to be the case throughout the American Civil War.  On July 2, 1863, it appeared that the Confederate Army underneath Robert E. Lee would win at the Battle of Gettysburg throughout the bloody Civil War and thereby lead to a divided country.  All the Confederate Army had to do used to be to power the 20th Maine Regiment off of a hill known as Little Round Top.  Commanding the males from Maine used to be Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.  Throughout maximum of his lifestyles, Chamberlain struggled with a serious stuttering downside that made him the laughingstock of the community when he used to be younger.  Chamberlain used to be informed that he used to be silly and would by no means quantity to the rest.  Yet, this quiet, insecure guy from Maine held the long run of this country in his arms.  Chamberlain and his males held towards the Confederate torrent on that in the future at Gettysburg and when out of ammunition, he led a bayonet assault to power the enemy again, profitable the combat and saving his country.  Every individual on the face of the earth used to be touched by way of that second in time and we now have a United States as of late because of that quiet, insecure guy from Maine who used to be thought to be silly and susceptible in the eyes of the global.  

    The legacy of different Christian males in the First World War echoes throughout the generations to us as of late.  And then, of path, we now have the superb legacy of Alvin C. York.  Although raised in a Christian house, Alvin’s lifestyles grew to become the other way up in 1911 after his father died.  The burden of taking care of his widowed mom, offering for his siblings and working the farm proved an excessive amount of.  Alvin quickly discovered himself spending the weekends at unhealthy bars on the Kentucky border of Tennessee known as Blind Tigers.  Here, Alvin’s lifestyles spun out of keep watch over and he spent his weekend’s under the influence of alcohol, cussing, playing, preventing and chasing women.   More than as soon as Alvin heard that he used to be a excellent for not anything under the influence of alcohol and would by no means quantity to the rest.

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    But all that modified on January 1st, 1915, when Alvin recommitted his lifestyles to the Lord.  On that day, Alvin started to expand his Character muscle.  He grew to become his again on the temptations and endeavored every day do the proper factor; to honor God and be a excellent witness to his neighbors.  Alvin went from “a good for nothing drunk” to a pacesetter in his church and an inspiration to those who knew him.  However, York used to be drafted into the Army in 1917 and ended up preventing in the Argonne Forest no longer some distance from Major Rieger.  

    On October eight, 1918, Alvin’s unit, the 82nd Division, used to be ordered to power the Germans out of the Argonne Forest.  The Americans attacked however have been stopped by way of blistering German rifle, machinegun and artillery fires.  All hope used to be misplaced till Alvin York rose to the instance.  He valiantly charged a German machinegun, fought off a German bayonet assault, killed 25 enemy infantrymen and captured any other 132.  This compelled the German Army to retreat from the Argonne Forest, a space they’d occupied for 4 lengthy years.  This is the distinction one individual could make.

    Likewise, the legacy of North Dakota farmer Private Nels Wold, cries out to us a century later.  As the Americans endeavored to damage the German line in the Meuse-Argonne Region of France in 1918, a gaggle of infantrymen complicated.  These have been all of a sudden stopped by way of a German machinegun.  Private Nels Wold volunteered to single-handedly attack the enemy place.  Nels valiantly dashed ahead and eradicated the machinegun to permit the advance to proceed.  On 4 other events, this heroic North Dakota farmer selflessly risked his lifestyles to assault dug in enemy machineguns.  And, each and every time, he succeeded.

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    Nels used to be the son of Norwegian immigrants, whose Christian witness used to be matched by way of his selflessness on the battlefield.  Sadly, Private Wold used to be killed when he single-handedly attacked a 5th German machinegun.  Nels remaining phrases have been spoken to Corporal Julius Vonderlieth, to whom he stated, “pray for me… and write my folks and tell them I love them.”  Corporal Vonderlieth wrote the following letter to Nels mom that captured the legacy that he left in the back of;  

“My pricey Mrs. Wold, I’m positive the demise of your pricey son Nels used to be a surprise to you all. I’m positive you should really feel very badly. However, you don’t seem to be on my own for all his buddies in the Army omit him and really feel the loss of a chum and true comrade. I used to be with Nels when he died and his remaining phrases have been of you and his family members. He asked that I write you and say that he really beloved you all and used to be in a position to move. While all of us omit him, we should no longer grieve, for he died for a noble reason. It used to be the Lord’s will that he be taken out of this global of sorrow into the heavenly nation-states above. In this hour of your sorrow, I ship you my sympathy and a want that your long run days is also vivid and glad ones. 

Very sincerely J.E. Vonderlieth”

    The legacy of Rieger, Chamberlain, Nels Wold and York echoes throughout the generations to us as of late.  It simplest takes one guy, or one lady, to modify the path of historical past.  This can also be you. God forbid that you simply have been informed by way of any individual, perhaps even a guardian that “you will never amount to anything.”  This is a lie from the pit of hell.  Rieger used to be informed this and take a look at what he did.  What about Chamberlain, Nels Wold, and York?  

    How precisely will we make a distinction?  This starts by way of day by day doing the proper factor… opting for to do what’s excellent and proper… it’s what I name development your personality muscle.  The Civil War hero Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain stated of this:

We know no longer of the long run and can’t plan for it a lot. But we will cling our spirits and our our bodies so natural and top, we would possibly cherish such ideas and such beliefs, and dream such desires of lofty objective, that we will resolve and know what means of males or ladies we can be each time the hour moves that calls us to noble motion.  This predestination God has given us in fee.  No guy turns into all of sudden other from his dependancy and liked concept.

By opting for day by day to honor God along with your lifestyles and please Him along with your choices, one builds their “character muscle.”This is how we modify the path of historical past… by way of day by day opting for to do the proper factor.  As Chamberlain stated, by way of making it a dependancy to do the proper factor… when that second comes that calls you to noble motion… you are going to know what to do.  

    Jesus stated in the Gospel of John Chapter 15. “Greater love hath no one than this; he lay down his life for his friends.”  Private Henry Gunther did this on the remaining minute of the warfare in 1918, as such a lot of others in the Revolution, the War of 1812, the Civil War, the Spanish-American War. World War One, World War Two, Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan and such a lot of different puts round the global.  The sacrifices and memorable heroism of thousands and thousands of Americans echoes throughout the generations to us as of late.  They cry out to us as a silent witness to get up and ward off the forces of darkness.

    The World War One era has unfortunately handed into eternity.  Yet, their legacy calls out to us to battle the excellent battle and no longer faint in the face of adversity.  You is also the subsequent hero that saves this land in its hour of want… It all begins with day by day opting for to do the proper factor.  Seek what’s excellent, noble, proper and simply… construct your personality muscle… honor God along with your lifestyles and you could simply trade the path of historical past.  Indeed – your lifestyles issues… and identical to Rieger, Wold, Chamberlain, and York… what you do in lifestyles echoes throughout the generations and into eternity. 

Colonel Douglas Mastriano’s e-book, Thunder in the Argonne tells the tale of America’s largest combat and recounts the legacy of males like York, Rieger and others who gave their all in 1918.

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