Feeling Trapped by Chicago Vehicle Tickets? Let’s Talk… — ProPublica

Feeling Trapped by Chicago Vehicle Tickets? Let’s Talk… — ProPublica

Feeling Trapped by Chicago Vehicle Tickets? Let’s Talk… — ProfessionalPublica

Nobody likes getting ticketed.

Our reporting on how Chicago’s car ticketing and assortment insurance policies and practices have disproportionately saddled low-income and black motorists with debt has precipitated conversations around the town.

Our tales have additionally sparked reforms from City Hall.

Now, we’d like to ask you to enroll in us as we proceed speaking about ticketing and debt.

We’re internet hosting a discussion board in response to our Driven Into Debt collection of investigative tales that exposed how town’s ticketing continuously punishes the ones least ready to have enough money it. We’re doing this in collaboration with WBEZ, which has labored with us on most of the tales within the collection, and the Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy on the University of Illinois at Chicago.

During the development, you’ll listen from ProfessionalPublica Illinois reporter Melissa Sanchez and WBEZ virtual editor Elliott Ramos and get a reside instructional on our interactive database, The Ticket Trap, which lets you discover how town tickets and collects debt. The match will come with a panel of mavens discussing how municipal fines and costs have an effect on other people and a Q&A consultation.

We hope you’ll sign up for us on Jan. 30 at The John Marshall Law School, 304 S. State St., in Chicago. It’s unfastened and open to the general public, and refreshments will likely be served. Doors open at five p.m. and the development starts at 6 p.m.

You can sign in right here.



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