Facial recognition traffic camera mistakes bus for famous woman – Naked Security

Facial recognition traffic camera mistakes bus for famous woman – Naked Security

Facial recognition traffic camera mistakes bus for famous woman – Naked Security

It is claimed of Dong Mingzhu, referred to as China’s maximum a success businesswoman, that anyplace the pushed, I-haven’t-taken-a-day-off-in-27-years Queen of Air Conditioning walks, no grass grows.

Yeah, neatly, fail to remember concerning the grass: she’s a scofflaw JAYWALKER!!!

That, at any charge, used to be the misguided conclusion arrived at just lately by means of a facial recognition traffic camera that clearly can’t inform an commercial on a bus from a human face.

Hence used to be the face of the famous woman identified all over the land as “Sister Dong” splashed onto an enormous display screen erected alongside a side road within the port town of Ningbo for functions of naming and shaming jaywalkers. Dong’s picture integrated a line of textual content announcing that she’d simply damaged the legislation by means of crossing the road in opposition to a purple mild.

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported that the surveillance device captured Dong’s symbol on Wednesday from an commercial at the facet of a shifting bus.

“Whoops,” stated Ningbo’s traffic police. That identical day, they wrote in a publish on Sina Weibo that it have been a mistake, that the surveillance device had since been “completely upgraded,” and that Dong’s picture have been deleted. From a Google translation of the publish:

The portraits at the bus frame commercials touring south to north had been misidentified, and the traffic police division in an instant deleted them afterwards. At provide, the technicians have totally upgraded the device to scale back the false recognition charge.

Some Chinese towns had been the usage of those AI-backed facial recognition methods to call and disgrace jaywalkers for months now.

Cities, together with Beijing and Shanghai, have additionally been the usage of AI and facial recognition to keep watch over traffic and determine drivers who violate street regulations. Shenzhen traffic police introduced the jaywalker name-and-shame marketing campaign in April 2017, when town started exhibiting jaywalkers’ pictures on huge LED monitors at main intersections.

Shenzhen traffic police introduced in February that some 13,930 jaywalkers have been recorded and displayed at only one busy intersection within the prior 10 months.

According to NextShark, the device works with a camera that’s induced every time any individual enters the crosswalk throughout a purple mild. Shenzhen Traffic Police Technology Department Chief officer Li Qiang advised the newsletter that the camera captures a photograph of the jaywalker’s face, then mechanically sends it to the LED display screen and to a police database for identity.

The device registers how again and again a repeat wrongdoer has violated traffic regulations. After some extent, the wrongdoer’s social credit score rating will take a success. China’s all-encompassing social credit score rating device is because of be absolutely up and working by means of 2020, in keeping with a plan posted at the Beijing municipal executive’s website online closing week.

Repercussions of having a downgraded social credit score rating are manifold for Chinese electorate: past no longer with the ability to get a mortgage, they come with being barred from flights and high-speed trains, having to forego heating subsidies, being denied promotions, and pervasive public disgrace.

Ms. Dong, then again, didn’t dangle the error in opposition to police. Her corporate, Gree Electric Appliances, issued a remark thanking Ningbo’s traffic police for their onerous paintings and calling on folks to obey traffic regulations.

At least Dong had an opportunity to be exonerated. Chinese electorate steadily don’t even know they’re being surveilled.

The Telegraph quoted Sophie Richardson, China director for the non-profit Human Rights Watch:

States have a duty to offer their electorate with public safety, however no longer on the expense of elementary human rights. Much of this era gathers details about folks with out their wisdom and consent. They don’t have any means of realizing till it’s come what may getting used in opposition to them. There isn’t any efficient means of pushing again in opposition to that.


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