Best National Pizza Day deals for 2019 – including Pizza Hut

Best National Pizza Day deals for 2019 - including Pizza Hut

Best National Pizza Day deals for 2019 – including Pizza Hut

Forget Valentine’s or even Christmas, lately marks crucial day of the 12 months in our calendar: National Pizza Day 2019. And what higher day for it than a Saturday?

While Christmas is all in regards to the roasts and Easter spent surrounded by way of chocolate, Saturday ninth February, a.ok.a National Pizza Day must imply indulging in as many pizzas as bodily conceivable.

To assist you to for your means, pizza eating places and takeaways all over the place Britain have introduced some one off National Pizza Day deals.

All the standard suspects are concerned, including the likes of Domino’s, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and quite a few UK supermarkets, so we now have picked out our favorite bargains of the lot underneath.

Whether you play it protected with a margarita, move all out with a meat ceremonial dinner, or like to combine it up with some rather extra distinctive mixtures, there is a little one thing for everybody. As lengthy as you do not pick out ham and pineapple…

If you are a fan of crispy onions (and albeit, who is not?), Pizza Hut have simply introduced the brand new menu addition of desires.

Featuring two impossible to resist flavour combinations – BBQ Flame Grilled Dip with a Crispy Fried Onion Crunch, and Garlic & Herb Dip with a Garlic & Herb Crumb – the restricted-version product might be to be had to reserve for £2.50 for simply 9 weeks – beginning now.

50% off at Pizza Hut – plus new dipping sauces

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The dip n’ crunch bar is new – and it seems insane


Get 50% off all pizzas on all orders over £30, that means you’ll be able to get your package deal of stuff for £15 as a substitute.

Sadly facets and beverages do not rely, even if you may want to order one, as Pizza Hut have simply introduced a brand new dip n’ crunch bar, filled with dip-licious flavours from BBQ flame grilled dip with an added crunch of crispy fried onions, to garlic and herb dip with an extravagant garlic & herb crunch on best. Get in our bellies.

33% off at Papa Johns

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We love a bargain

Papa John’s is serving up a bargain this is certain to get mouths watering – an appetising 33% off all pizzas and facets on all orders which can be £30 or extra.

Available national on Friday eighth and Saturday ninth February 2019 on each the Papa Johns site and immediately by the use of your native Papa John’s eating place.

Free £15 pizza from Just Eat

New contributors to TopCashback can get a unfastened £15 takeaway from Just Eat till Monday 1st April – that means it’s worthwhile to have a good time the large day for no cash in any respect.

  1. Sign as much as kingdom for unfastened
  2. Find the 100% cashback as much as £15 at Just Eat deal, click on via to Just Eat and pick out your favorite eating place to make a minimal acquire
  3. Up to £15 cashback will then observe to your account inside seven running days and can grow to be payable to switch into financial institution accounts roughly 14 running days after the deal finish date topic to a effectively tracked acquire


Free ‘Bagelizza’ for those who are living in London

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Weird or superb?

The UK’s FIRST ever bagel and pizza mash-up impressed by way of the actual style of New York, each and every bagelizza is 12-inchs large and weighs in at an excellent 1.5kg.

Laden with lashings of 21-day-elderly grass-fed brisket, the cured pastrami sits on best of a mattress of sauerkraut, shavings of swiss cheese and completed off with a drizzle of Russian dressing – all sitting on best of the eating place’s signature marinara sauce and 300g of mozzarella.

Available for unfastened on Saturday ninth February 2019 on a primary come, first serve foundation, the restricted-version ‘Bagelizza’ is to be had to reserve from Mulberry Street Pizzeria in-retailer or on Deliveroo from noon.

Asda pizza deals

Chicago Town have some respectable gives for the large day, with the Pizza Kitchen is £2 (used to be £three) till 13th February at Asda.

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Tesco pizza deals

Tesco even have Chicago Town on be offering, with the Takeaway Stuffed Crust is now £2.75 (used to be £three.90) till 25th February.

Meanwhile everybody’s favourites, the Deep Dish, are actually 3 for £five (or £2 each and every) till 25th February at Tesco.

35% off at Domino’s

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Good previous Domino’s
(Image: Bloomberg)

If you would quite choose for a Domino’s for the large day, as according to standard, there is quite a few deals on on the pizza massive.

We noticed a 35% off while you spend £35 be offering (there is additionally 40% off while you spend £40), even if unfortunately, it excludes beverages and ice-cream.

New pizzas at Iceland

gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== - Best National Pizza Day deals for 2019 - including Pizza Hut
These glance scrumptious – however you will have to wait a little

Iceland are about to release a brand spanking new vary of extremely skinny Italian picket-fired pizzas, all of which might be hand-crafted simply out of doors of Venice.

Costing £1.75 each and every, the pizzas are a large 70% inexpensive than the similar from M&S. Sadly, they are now not to be had till the 18th now.

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