Abortion Doctor Growls ‘I Love It! I Love It!’ When Confronted About Killing Babies

Abortion Doctor Growls'I Love It! I Love It!' When Confronted About Killing Babies

Abortion Doctor Growls ‘I Love It! I Love It!’ When Confronted About Killing Babies

A surprising video posted to social media displays an abortion physician shouting outdoor the entrance doorways of a ladies’s medical institution that he likes to abort young children.

The video used to be posted by way of Christian Youth Fellowship to their Facebook web page.  The whole disagreement between the physician and every other particular person used to be captured on video and handiest lasts about 55 seconds.  The medical institution’s location isn’t published within the Facebook publish or within the video. 

In the video, the physician seems to come back outdoor the medical institution to take a ruin and has a espresso cup in his hand. As quickly as he comes outdoor, the digicam operator tells him, “Sir, You’ve got to repent, sir. You’ve got to repent, sir for murdering babies.”

At that time, the physician wearing blue scrubs runs previous a safety guard and over to the person with the digicam. 

“Why?” the physician asks the person proper in entrance of his face. 

The guy replies, “Because it is a sin before God.”

The physician once more asks, “Why?”

“Because it’s really evil of you, sir,” the person says. 

The physician then tells the person he “loves it.”

“You love it?” the person asks.

“Yes, I really do,” the physician replies.

“Oh, I hope you come to Christ, sir,” the person says.

“Oh, I’ll never go to Christ,” the physician answered.

The physician and the person then trade extra phrases. The guy tells the physician he’ll have a “darkened heart” and can “stand before God in judgment.”

The physician is of the same opinion with the person that he has a darkened center and that he’ll stand prior to God. 

“I love it! I love it!” the physician tells the person. 

“Keep tearing the babies apart?” the person says because the physician leaves to take a phone name. “I will,” the abortionist says.

“Their blood screams from the ground,” the person says because the video ends.

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